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Literature Installation Overview

Plumbing Applications

Quick Connect Stop Valves for Shut Off Applications

Stop Valves Push Connect Technology

Stop Valves are one of the most common type of valve used in residential applications. Their name refers to their function which is to stop the flow of water rather than regulate its flow. Their purpose is to cut off the flow to a designated fixture which is commonly used to make repairs on a sink or toilet but used in a variety of other ways as well.

You may of heard Stop Valves referred to as compression stops or sweat stops. These names refer to the type of connection they require. Compression stops being connected by compression fittings, and sweat connected by soldering. While these are common, they are quite time consuming and can be difficult to work with in tight areas. Also they may be difficult to work with if you have limited plumbing experience. With Push Connects quick connection technology, you can connect Stop Valves to Copper, CPVC, and PEX tubing in seconds.

Installing Quick Connect and Disconnect Stop Valves

stop valves for shut off applicationsPush Connects Stop Valves allow you to connect to a variety of piping materials in seconds without the special tools and complications involved with other methods. Need to install a Stop Valve for a shutoff application? Instead of having to buy crimp or soldering tools and accessories, simply use a quick connect Stop Valve which will allow you to push and snap the valve right onto your pipe and make a secure leak-free connection. The only steps that are involved is making sure you clean, cut, and mark your pipe like you would do with any other method of piping installation. View our complete line of Push Connect Stop Valves.

Connect Copper, PEX tubing, and CPVC in just seconds. Push Connects Stop Valves can be used on a variety of piping materials, tested to 900 PSI and are recommended for temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, at 200 PSI.

Push Connect Stop Applications: For fluids, water, air, and inert gases. Commonly used for manufacturing, municipal, residential and commercial applications including portable water, heating, cooling, treated water, breathable air, condensers and much more.

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