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compare quick connect technologyThere are many differences between Push Connect quick (insert to connect) fittings and other brands. Some of the major differences include its high flow and repairable technology. The product "S" fitting is not repairable and is sold with plastic inserts that could potentially restrict flow or create fluid turbulence.

Push Connect Fittings are completely repairable, mechanically sealed fittings with threaded retaining caps. The only tool required is one that allows you to dismantle if desired. Push Connect plumbing fittings may be used on Copper, CPVC, and PEX tubing. You can use one fitting for various applications and plumbing alternatives. There is no need to solder or use compression, throw away damaged fittings, buy extra tools, or deal with components you cannot inspect or repair.

Why Use Push Connect Quick Plumbing Fittings Over Other Brands?

Push Connect fittings offer full flow fittings with no loose plastic pieces. Impossible to remove with your hands! Because Push Connect removal rings are not attached to the fitting and it's nearly impossible to remove a Push Connect fitting without a tool. We believe that leaves you with a tamper free, long lasting fitting.

Product "S" uses plastic permanently fixed de mounting rings (gold in color) for removal of their fittings. With a de-mounting ring permanently installed within the fitting, users can depress (push) the ring insert and remove the fitting.


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